Monday, February 1, 2010

Camp HardKnock's winter Camp!

Well two days of winter camp has gone pass! Can i say it something that i will cherished in my heart forever!! Being a Cabin Captian is something i always wanted to be BUT i never got it and this year for winter Camp i got it.. My Co Capt is Kylie!! We both was in shocked when it happen!! Thank you Ms Jill & Mr Gattz for trust us on having this spot! very Great Experinces!

This Winter camp is awesome!! there some dramas here and there but i have put it aside and just like Ms Jill told me in the sumer at camp.. This Summer Camp, Your Here to be a KID not to have someone Hoover over you and make you feel Bad!! let me tell you it works.. Being able to run free is somthing i been doing!!

This Winter Our cabin name is Sugarbaby's! (like the candies) MMMMM! Dolly the creatar of Babybdolly's has made our cabin LOOk like Gingerbread house! it adorable... She also made us Hoodies and Shirt!<3>
I love it soo much!!
Anyways So far we havent been pranked! Buyt let hope and pray it stays that way! I love everyone in our cabin!! They are very friendly and helpful!!!

Camp To me has been the best thing to show me how to be a Kid!!
I mean look at it...

Anyways so far we did alot of things!! I have many more pics on my sl Inventory.. but i need to head out and work on rl!

So be sure to check out my blogged laters!

Hugs your way!!


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