Thursday, February 4, 2010

Camp Is Almost Over :(

Sighs! Camp is almost over!! I am nearly getting camp sick!! Though i wish the lag would be nice to me!! I either crash or i land up somewhere off sim!! I mean i understand we cant help the lag.. But it heats my PC bad!! Anyways Camp has been great for me the last couple of days... I had made many many new friends, i nearly said to myself i dont think i gonna make any friend this year at camp! But i lied i made many friends! I hope we stay friends!!
I miss being home but yet i gonna miss camp! ms jill and mr gattz put so much in and a week aint enough i say! *blushes* Maybe idk... i wanna shop :P but i wanna stay at camp.. I miss my mommy butt.... IDK

well that all for now!

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