Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Adoption=official daughter to Jaymee&Nathann

Offical date of Adoption
I been looking for a family for about a week now... I just so happen was at MAW and i was wondering around and Ms Jaymee Imed me asking me a couple question. They fell in love with me from the get go. We chatted for about 15 mins to about 45 mins at there bunny market... Well they kept saying that i was just so cute and they wish i wasnt on on trial and all that good stuff!!
Well i ended up renting a stall from them.... and they just kept talking to me and the more they talk to me the more i fell in love!! Yes i get attach way to fast BUT they have just amazing hearts that i couldnt resit it.
So i had to write to my old trial Mommy and let her know that i couldnt be on trial with her and i wanted to be on trial with Jaymee and Nathann and i asked them for help becasue i didnt know what to say...
Well Mr Nathann.... said "oh lets go somewhere where it aint laggy" so i get this tp... andddddd there a HUGE land and all that stuff... and i just was so excited...
Soo jaymee and i kept talking and all of that good stuff... and i said okies ill just cancel my trial and go on trial with you guys! so they said that fine..
Well trial didnt last!! I wanted it to be offical already... So i sat and taught about it... and i was really nto sure if they was ready for this becasue they have gotten out of a nassy trial... Nathann said he really loves me and so forth... i love him he just AMAZING! there no words to discribe it... I mean he a "daddy" that a girl would dream for.... 
Jaymee She a princess just like me... we click in a heartbeat...Mommy Babygirl let me tell you... We HAVE soooooooooo much in common.. It not even funny I love her with everything! She so fun and understanding and is there for me when i need to vent!
I never felt or been this happy since i met them both!! I am so happy that i am here today and never Left sl.. if not i wouldnt have met them!

Mommy and daddy.. I just wanted to take the time to tell you how much i really love you both!
You both mean the world to me.. and I see where this going!

I cant believe how happy and excited i am to be apart of ur family!!

With love
Kaysha Yootz

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