Saturday, March 27, 2010

Been a Week Since I been adopted....

It been Nearly  a Week Since I been Adopted Into the family of Caproni-Guardian Family!! I finally stood my ground of getting adopted... I nearly ready to just say screw getting adopted and just go and run around and have fun! But Nathann And Jaymee Stumble upon my lil heart in a heart beat! I love it I love My parents dearly! I couldnt ask for anything! i feel like i have known them forever and been with them forever! But it Only a week and a week of fun!
I sat and taught about many things and how things are looking like.. I can see it. There is times where you just wanna be alone and just cry and NOT face nothing and just be alone.. Well tonight is the night that im alone and just sitting on the swing and thinking things OVER! 
Thinking is always good and it makes you Relize alot.. I am actually In a family that cares and understand that i can be the MOST emo girl in t he world and they will work with me and just try and make me understand that it aint worth being emo over something in the passed..
I am beyond happy with them... They make me smile on the hardest day!
My move is coming up in RL.. i am taking it SUper hard... I havent move for 14 years and it gonna be hard..I gonna miss everyone i gonna miss my family out here i gonna miss my privcay i gonna miss just being alone and not have to worry about nobody! Now i gonna have to worry about everyone and live with loud people! I really dont know if i can do it... I been sour for the last 2 days trying MY best not to take it out on mommy and daddy! They dont need it... This my delimma i need to work on.. so i am super EMO... I had to give my cat up and i had him since my graduation in 2005!! ahhhh i am super lost! I cant even walk out the door without shedding a tear! *crys*

My parents are something to me that makes my SL shine my heart glow and my mind strong! i honestly couldnt do this without them guiding me through it all... I love you Mommy and Daddy!! Thank you for everything!
So i got an Im from Mommy as I was writing this and something caught and brought tears to my eyes!

[20:24]  Jaymee Caproni: awww babygirl, well we are always here if you want to talk.... and dont worry about taking anything out on us.... were your parents... thats what we here for
I love it... She makes me feel i can achive my goals!

Well I guess i feel alittle better after venting so i gonna end here thank you everyone that i vented to and made me feel better! HUgss you guys alll


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  1. ily bestie!! <3 puts a smile on your face and know you have tons of people who love and care for you!