Saturday, March 13, 2010

Gloomy Day

Today Just been such a gloomy day! Like i got woken up by the neighbors blasting there music and i only got couple hours of sleep! I woke up cranky and just a compelete mess! i just wanted go crawl back in bed. but i couldnt cuz my mom was nagging on me. So i am up now!
Now as i get online my Bunnies are scattered everywhere on my new land by some assholes that been pestering me for the last couple of days.. Doesnt help when the land people DONT speak english..
After i finally found all 14 of them i gather my taughts and taught and taught and i just began to cry!
Something just trigger me and i just dont know what its... I been taking everything out on people and giving them the nasty look or an attatiude. I feel like everything is coming to an end!
This move is very much triggering everything, I dont think ill adjust very well! i gonna miss all my friends i have here i gonna miss all the enviorment that we got here... *sighs*
I log out and began reading the book Holes... getting to good parts... and i decided to log back in....
got some offline messages!! eeeps some good and soem bad... But i cant really say anything
To me SL is becoming more and more a drama world.. I swear... I been feeling emo for the last couple of weeks... and I been dealing with my emotions on my own... NOBODY has figure it out... and i dont think nobody will!
i am gathering my taughts and sat for days on couple of days.. I cant be involed with them no more. and what happens.. I hurt peoples feelings or i dont know how to tell them! I am sorry if i have hurt your feelings from day one you know me till now! but Honestly I aint the prefect preson... I far beyond prefect and i guess i am different and something that takes thing serious!
So for now on i guess i need to be alone and be left alone cuz i mess evereything up! I dont think i desereve the spot i am in now! I only mess things up!
I say stuff to hurt people, i do things to hurt people, i vent on plurk and it hurts people! There no reason for me to be around! >_<
I need alot of working to be done. But if i say that i need alot of working on stuff.. then some of the people that i know.... can do it to and meet me half way!
Regraudless i am a human bean and i am behind the avi with HUGE feelings and they been hurt WAY to many times...
I fear that if it get anymore hurt- Kaysha will be gone... and no i aint saying this for pitty i am saying this becasue this how i feel!
Now it time for me to wrap things up!

Thank you for reading!

Sorry for whoever i hurt in the pass and now!
With my heart
Kaysha Yootz

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