Friday, March 12, 2010

LOTD 3/12/10

Well Today is something different in LOTD!
You all probably know who made these things on me right now!
Well if you don't, It Magen Jigsaw!
Her Store is called errrrrrm let me look
::EmJay:: Kidz, Yeah that's it ;)
Her Store is Located on the Julibee Sim!
She does kids cute stuff and very cheap and adorable :)
Check it out!!
I went and bought what she got there and she nearly was upset with me :P
But shhhh she cant over take me with giving me stuff cuz ill give back in return.. YAY!
*grins big*

Moving on :)
Appearances today is
Skin-:GP: Sundust [Dark] Cupid-Pure 1
Shape-Kaysha Shape Made for me personally :)
Hair-= Hal*Hina = [brown] Hair -priscilla-
Eyes-*DEN-DOU* Glance Eyes /Light Grey (small)
Nails- even tho u don't see them :P
[ Scoop ] Frenchy Nails (rainbow sorbet)

Shirt is-
::EmJay:: Jr- Hello My Name is Brat Tee ( this shirt just for me :D) that's why i got it :P
Pants-::EmJay:: Lowrider Capris- Faded
just right for kids since it becoming spring!!

Pose-On studio stand
Pose 14 :)
Where pic taken on land behind backdrop :)

Until next time
Kaysha :)

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