Monday, March 15, 2010

Speical People Hold A Speical Place In My Heart!!

Well today imma do something different- I gonna be naming some people that has been there or has been my friend!! it no random order... But if your NOT on here please dont get upset or hurt with me.. It no Intention on hurting anyone!!! HUGSS everyone!!

Abby M
Always Shining with a big smile on her face ! there When i needed her to vent or even share chocolates with! She one of the kind! One of the favorite Bedroom set builder I love!
Abby thank you for everything!

Alexandria U
Even as many times as we buck heads you are always there for me.. No matter how many times we called eachother stupid names for no reason! You stuck by my side!! I have learn to let loose from you.. Thank you My God Momma For everything! I love you!

Angeleyes J
Even tho your a brat i still love you! Your one of the preson that i have some rocky relationship! But we still hold on to eachother! Your my short bus girl and i love you even tho ur pest :P

Kylei B
My longest friend ever! I have known you for awhile now and you have stuck by myside through everything! I love you gurlies.. You make some great clothes :)  Thank you for everything

Bette B
A short time i finally gotten to know you more! You are sure a dory that loves to make me laugh! Thank you for all the advice that you have given me and the shoulder to just talk to :)
I cant wait to get to know you more! <33

Celina K
I have gotten to know you over a short time.. You have been there for me when i needed to vent or even just talk on skype.. You are one Fuzzy Pineapple! Your a awesome chick and i love you! thank you for everything!
Kalee M
My cabin mate that made it in my cabin on the first night of camp! your the coolest chick ever! you have such a humble side and such a sneeky side but i love you anyways <3
Daisie T
One of my bestie before! always there to help when i need her!! she full of fun and giggles thank you so much for everything :)

Candii D
haha doode stinky feet i haven gotten to know you over times.. and you are always hella making me laugh! i LOVE YOU GURLIES! Thanks for everything
Fiona B
One of the most humblest girl ever! may steal my friends on my plurk but she cool thank you for worrying about me when i was having a rough time or even leanding a shoulder 
Miss Gracelyn
A plurk buddie! She awesome cool and fun to talk to.. At one point she even wanted to dopt me how cool is that :P
Huggss ur way :D
Gypsy H
My hunter parther thank you so much for helping me with that one hunt.. it was fun!! also thank you for being a daily plurkieee :P Huggggss

Okies this end of round one of speical friends <333
More to come just hang on tight.. Falling asleep LMAOOO


and whatever i said is from my heart so dont ever forgret that



  1. aww you are sweet Kaysha, ty for including me :) (cozy)

  2. anytime abby <333 U been there for a long time :)

  3. Aww this is so sweet <3 You're very welcome and Thank you ^-^ made me laugh too XD *goes to steal another plurk buddy of kaysha*

    Thankies again kaysha *hugs*