Monday, August 30, 2010

Have you ever...

Well the last couple a weeks been hell and I just havent been truely all there...Things has been hitting me alot more then i taught it would, like i was brave enough to try another trial after i gotten lied to about my old trial mom being in a fire.. And I been looking ever since.. Well i went on trial with this couple and it was going great until the dad said i wasnt acting like a kid? I mean who doesnt cuss? and that to you makes u feel like ur and dult? Well i ended it and kept in touch with the mom.. she very sweet and kind...
Well i wont let that bring me down.. i just gonna hang at maw and not rush into things... I think i need a basic rping playing.. Even Ari agreed with me.. so i gonna see how that goes... Maybe now that i change my panel around maybe they will like me more? who knows.. Well alot of people BEEN looking for boys and boys are hard to find and plus they got cooties.. *giggles*
With that note... i have a picture to share with you all cuz it made me smile :)...

Miss Abby McDonnagh made a dino reading pal for 50friday... Well i was there when she was setting it out.. it was super cute... so when i got it i needed to take a picture with it.. and here it is..  and i love it :D

Well with that note i am out.. thank you for reading and have a great Week!


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