Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Today Is a lazy blog for me... No editing no nothing I am just in one of those moods that i just wanna curl back up in bed and sleep.. This move has been stressing me big time... Part of me says i dont wanna do it and and other half says i wanna do it... It just my mom is holding us back cuz she wants to do it at her pace and it like UUUGGGH we could of move everything in last week if my mom wasnt holding us back!!!... Anyhow tomorrow is my last day on the PC that means No sl for a couple of days.. UNLESS i get it on my aunty lap top!! which i highly doubt it will be able to run...
Well With everything going on.. I finally have found my self.. Feeling that i dont have a family made me think alot and i think it better for me to just be an orphan for awhile.. PEOPLE just love to talk about me and it just making me feel ALOT better of myself.. I dont care what anyone says NO more... Reguardless you all have made a dent in yourself that u regret or whatever.. But that aint gonna bring me down..
I went shopping at just kidding when it first open and OMG i couldnt stop going there.... I am wearing The Outfit called Born as a diva.. YES that me giggles.. Go and check it out if you havent..  Well i gonna end it here.. Hugs Kay

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