Sunday, August 8, 2010

my heart has been to heck and back, it has made me stronger. Despite the pain it has never given up on anything. So here's to everyone in my heart. i love u

Well Today A good day! Why umm one, it raining and two it Sunday and three i woke up in a great and cheeful mood!! Well as you most know I am on the maw adoption wall once again!! I not rushing into anything and i just want things to be right for me and just look for the one that i know deep in my heart will be there NO matter what happens!! Well I through the weeks of time I met someone on plurk, Really great Lady, She held my hand through it all and told me Everything will be alright and dont give up becasue that the worstet thing to do...So over the time we talked she became my Godmom, She been MIA for a LONG time tho *shrugs* i miss her like big!! She eatting her RL nephew brains right now but eh i love her!!  We talked, and she really wanted me and i didnt know THAT she was serious about this, and i just pretty much played along and until today when i said i couldnt click NO one panels, her wifey OMG amazing FREAKEN lady in the world...she was like can we steal her, and i taught they was joking!!!!!!!! OMGGGGGGG my god mama told me tp her to maw, and we talked a bit and she filled out the card.. and YAYYYYYYYY we on trial!! I got the most amazing present ever from them both :D... it made my day sooooooooooooooooooooo awesome!!
Thank you both <3
Here my godmama that will be my mama in a couple of weeks :) YAYYYYYYYYYY 
Here godmama wifey that will me my MUM like she said <33
They Got amazing hearts with heart of gold..

Hugs you both :)

Until Next time

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  1. Aww baby! YOU MADE MY DAY <333 - love, yer mum <3