Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Happy One Week To My Beautiful Family! As I was in serech for a family, I couldnt deicde if i really wanted a family this time around becasue i was hurt to much times, I finally strunk myself down to be alittle mesh baby to see if i would get adopted that way, Sure enough i met a wonderful lady, I tug on her pant and from there we started talking, I am truely blessed where i am now, I love the big family. (mostly horses) They have a rping home for horses or any kind of animal and right now we are rping daddy getting a doggie to guard the house, becasue daddy had to leave we had to end it. It was turning into an AWESOME rp.. I love it. ANyways i just wanted to make a shout out to my family. THANK you so much for all the LOVE and SUPPORT you have given me through this week. You make me laugh when i dont want to laugh,You make me happy when i dont want to be happy! you cuddle and kiss away my booboo, you protect me in EVERy Way. God has lead us to an WONDERFUL world. I am glad i am apart of you guys. <3 
Ohana means family,Nobody get left behind or forgotten.. 

I love you all. Mommy daddy teagers, Jassy, Korrah, Zara, Hats, Bu,Ruby,Dana,Aiden,Angel,Moon,Ammarni Nyx and all the animals that come around and huggles or huffs for treats. You all the best. 

I am HOME there no place like home <3

Xoxo Kaysha 

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