Friday, May 4, 2012

Ride along with me to Tiny Spaces

Lets take a nice ride down to Tiny space the lovely owner Brie Pinazzo takes her time and effort to build lovely bedroom sets/Furniture that great for all shape and sizes, Let me tell you I spent half of my time in this store when she has sales because her talent amazes me everytime she builds something. She takes her time out of her real life to bring her amazing talent into secondlife for us childeren/kids to have amazing bedroom sets and furniture. She having a nice awesome sale this weekend and is trying to save up money for her Real daughter Sammi since where she at it summer and it HIttting 100 degrees and would love to get her a decent swimming pool. Her stuff is worked by pose ball, some stuff has mesh in it.. Gosh her recent stuff for that mesh baby she made AWESOME baby nurseys for them.. I got to play in it for a bit while she was building it. *giggles* She also has MOTHERS DAY gifts. Awesome cute stuff. She having the 50% sale off of EVERY bedroom set i think of. Her stuff is cute and adorble. Also i had a talk with her and i asked if she could make me a custom bedroom set, I cant wait for it to be done. Her bedroom set Usually Comes in 8-9 peices and she has it copy no mod no trans and you can even add on to the stuff she makes. So come and take a ride down at Tiny Spaces and come and see the lovely sale she has going on. Help support her so Ms Sammi can have a decent summer and stay cool.. 
Heres the taxi

any question Please feel free to Notecard Brie Pinazzo and she will answer any questions. THIS IS a Steal.

Happy Shopping and Happy Stars wars day Everyone!

Kaysha Yootz

Thank you to Brie Pinazzo for letting me blog her sale and steal her picture :) 

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