Friday, July 27, 2012

ITs the Weekend BABY!

It the Weekend, Ooots Happy friday bloggers!
Hope everyone has a safe and sound weekend, Today i am blogging an yabu outfit from Razzberry Inc! Omg when i seen this outfit i was like i must get this because this how i roll! *giggles* I love the flare skirt and the rainbow belt. Everything comes with th is outfit. Jayme the owner of Razzberry Inc made some awesome cute outfits for the weekend sales, She also made them in toddlerdoo. Check them out. 
Have a nice weekend everyone!

Skin:*oh* One Voice: Mommie & Me Exculsive SkinLine (Me Tan)
Shape:*Oh Daisies* Yabu Shape 0.89 Meters /  2.91 Feet
Hair:tram  B426 hair(no pearl) / brown (size40)
Outfit:[RI] That's How I Roll Fit (Yabusaka)
Pose:Glittari: Pose 158

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