Monday, July 30, 2012

OMG It's Monday!

Happy Monday Bloggers!
Eeeks Another Monday is here! Hope you all had a enjoyable weekend! I did I spent my time just hanging around at home in rl and did some summer cleaning and what not. Yay me! But anyhow I dugged through my inventory to look for something new to blogged for yabu! Gah i need shop more and find more clothes for me so i dont keep wearing the same thing over and over! I seen this cute outfit made by Bit owner of Cute Bytes, I taught it would match perfect for the monday blog! Says dont bug me. yes dont bug me i am busy. *laughs* 
have a great week everyone! 

Shape:*Oh Daisies* Yabu Shape 0.89 Meters /  2.91 Feet
Skin:*oh* One Voice: Mommie & Me Exculsive SkinLine (Me Tan)
Hair:""D!va"" Hair "Senri2" (Type B)(Citrine)
Outfit:**Cute Bytes** Don'tBugMe Outfit (BabyMesh)
Pose:NYG Pose 3 Label Motion

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