Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Purple Dazes with yabu Kaysha

Happy Wednesday Bloggers,
Kaysha In yabu avie once again! Oh i didnt blogged this store yet! So i taught i would blogged it.. This little summer dress is made by Hope Palianta that has open a yabu shop called Sew Sweet Bowtique it new to the Yabu Shop, Very cheap and cute she makes Customizing in kids clothing for female & male Yabu avatars! So go check it out you can find her on Marketplace also! 
Have a great Wednesday Until next time!

Yabusaka Baby Mesh AV- avatar B
Hair: ""D!va"" Hair "Ruri"  (Type A)(Brown diamond)
Skin and Shape:*Oh Daisies* Yabu Shape 0.89 Meters /  2.91 Feet/ Cute Bytes Skin: Sweet Skin 

Outfit:Sew Sweet Bowtiqu-Brittany Purple

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