Friday, July 6, 2012

Shopping spree with the Wifey!

Happy Friday Everyone!
Omg another week had sure flew by! This week i am blogging something different. I brought my wifey along with me to shop for 50 friday, the list this week was really short and we picked out two really great stores! Rawr Muffin and Larina both outfits are great for summe and of course a bathing suit for swimming and to soak up the sun. So come check it out! Happy Friday..

On Kaysha:

1st outfit:[RM] Summer Outfit
2nd outfit:~* Larnia Kids *~ luwow bathing suit (tot)

On Chelsea:

1st outfit:[RM] Sienna Outfit
2md outfit:~* Larnia Kids *~ wild animal bathing suit (tot)


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