Wednesday, August 15, 2012


Happy Tuesday Bloggers!
Ooops I forgot to blog for a bit sorry! Just been lazy! *snickers* Anyhow i love this toddleedoo Avie that Bit made for us kids to have your own shape and skin and not worry about being all crunched up and what not.. You also can be mesh and not worry! the only thing is we cant wear mesh hair with this avie but it alright any regular hair looks cute and adorble on you! *smiles* Well One night i was looking on marketplace and i seen frannie store on there :) I posted on plurk that fran should convert her clothes into toddleedoo. She sure caved in and gave it a try! OMG i love it..  This outfit is adorble i love butterflies! Have a great Tuesday! 

Shape:Myervna-Little Channis
Skin::GP: Petal Frex [Dark] Angel-Pure 2(no longer on grid)
Hair:>TRUTH< Jocelyn - chocolate(resized)
Eyes:<<< np >>> Neko EYES 2 - iceblue
Tattoo Layers:[C*K] Fake Lashes Tattoo(store closed)
Cheeky Tattoo:-G[b]R- Cheek Sparkles ~Pink RARE(Gotcha)
Toddleedoo Avie:**Cute Bytes** ToddleeDoo v.1.6
Outfit:* Gb * Amabelle Pink


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