Thursday, August 30, 2012

Lazy Pazy

Happy Wednesday Bloggers,
I know i havent blogged in a bit, Guess my new family is keeping me from blogging sorry.. I decided to play my yabu avie again casue i was bored with toddleedoo.. *laughs* doesnt mean i wont play toddleedoo it just i will take a break from it and play it again some other time soon. Anyways I was looking through my foldesr and i found this outfit from foursquare owned by kyia. i love this outfit it summery and yellow.. go check it out and dont forget to check out her new toddleedoo outfits also. Have a great week..

Outfits::.:FourSquare:.: Baby Brennie Yellow (YABU)
Avie:< Yabusaka > Baby mesh avatar
Hair:[e] Past - Brown 07 (resized)
Binky:Sweet Baby - Baby Pacifier Hearts

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