Saturday, September 15, 2012

Amy Gesture Palace- Open

Amy's Gesture Palace is open again! New Main Store, New Gestures, Cheap Of everything. There so much for you to come see what she has to Offer for you. Yet It on HKE Sim where it sponser HKE and helps out. So why Dont you come down to this gestures place and come and see. She has Teen gestures,Twlight,School,Naughty Words,Silly Gestures,Customs for 50L how can you not give this offer up!

See how cute this place is, Even though it not a castle no more it STILL Amy's Gesture Palace!

Come check out the re-opening tomorrow Sunday Sept 16 2012, @ 5pm SLT to come and celebrate and th eopening of Amys Gestures there gonna be load of fun and prizes. But wait where is it all Happening?

Right here at Amy Gesture Palace:
Amy's Gesture Place

See you All there...

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