Saturday, December 15, 2012

Off To See The Wizard Of Oz!

Hi Bloggers,
Ugh I had all everything written out and my firefox decided to close and crash on me and delete everything i was writing i was mad! Anyways Sorry i havent actually blog an outfit and only been blogging wacky wednesday stuff. There No wacky wednesday BLOG so i decided i would do it for mines mommy and help her out! Anyways today my big sissy was watching me and my ccussy daisy and payten and we did some brownies and cookies and what not and daisy and her sissy decided to go swimming in the cold water so sisy said we need to put jammies on in order to be warm! so i seen payten with these jammies and i fell in love with them so i inspected her toto doggie and it was made by my daddy peanut aka the owner of Tiny Spaces! She made these jammies in kid size toddleedoo Baby size toddleedoo and adults i think for 150.. cheap you ant go wrong with these things ;) she has many different caractors to pick form so go check it out.See you all on Wednesday... Hope you all have a great Weekend!

Shape:*oh Daisies* Aura Skin/Shape - Lucky(modded)
Skin-*oh Daisies* Aura Skin/Shape - Lucky
Hair:fri. - Lucy.2 - Moody Brown(resized)
Eyes:*oh Daisies* Natural Eyes (Doll)
Lashes:*oh Daisies* Natural Lashes(tattoo layers)
Avatar:**Cute Bytes** ToddleeDoo v.2.1 - BabyGirl
Outfit:[TS] Land of Oz Pajamas - Baby Dorothy
Pose:Glitterati Mini-001

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