Thursday, February 28, 2013

Chick Binkies and Warm Pajamas Just for you

Hai Bloggers,
Ryleigh threw me these ads and was like can you blog this. So i did. She put out couple adorable stuff.. Since Ms Decemeber got everyone into these chickens and what not. I seen awhole lot of people with them i guess ryleigh was like i need to make a paci as a chick.. *facedesk* These binky you can choose from 14 colors and they REALLLLLLLLY chrip...Come get them here...

Also she got some warm awesome loving pajamas out for 50 friday. they come with even asleep mask they only 50L. Remember Ryleigh does take up her stuff after friday... So please make sure you pick your stuff up before friday ends. Have a great weekend!

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