Monday, March 18, 2013

Have You Found Your Prince Charming?

Hai Bloggers,
Happy Monday! Wows another Monday has flew by and creep up on me. Yesterday Was St Patty Day! Did you all wear green? I wasnt until my Mommy decided she was gonna pinch my little cheeks so I hurry and found something green and threw on and when HA! you cant pinch my cheek nows. I also told my daddy that I wasnt gonna EVER wear green again and i guess i lied. My Outfit is green. Also It still a winter/spring outfit. I dugged through my inventory trying to find something to wear and i am LIKE to the point I HAVE nothing to wear. *sighs* so i seen this outfit that says Kiss Me Frog and i went when the heck did i buy this.. So i put it on and i went OMG it a cute outfit maybe ill find a prince charming. *LAUGHS* This outfit is from Razzberry Inc.. I love it. Jayme did amazing job, I think it was up for one of the weekend sales awhile back so go check out her store she has loads of cool stuff... Anyhow Enjoy your Week.. Happy Monday!

Outfit:[RI] Kissed a Frog Fit (Green)
Hair:tram  B428 hair / brown (size40)(Moded and Resized)
Avie:**Cute Bytes** ToddleeDoo v.2.3 - BabyGirl

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