Thursday, April 11, 2013

Yes Deer!

Hai Bloggers,
It Thrusday! Almost the weekend! *dances* YAY! Well I was debating on what to blog, I mean i clean my inventory out and delete alot of my old clothes, From Kid-Tiny tot- Yabu and Now Toddleedoo! I kinda in a funky mood, I feel bleh, I dont know since last week I felt Unwanted not only in Secondlife but also in Real Life! It Just my moods and I guess i cant change what i feel even if i wanted to, So i Probably gonna get people on my case about how i feel which it fine, Not first and wont be the last, But it how i feel, I not gonna latched at people or make people feel bad for me, I go through tons of emotions just like anyone other person here! If they understand and is a true friend they would stay by me and hold onto my bumpy roads! So i changed into my Little deer outfit, i put bambi on and decied to have a little cry! Want to thank the people that has been amazing great towards me! Awhile back Riley the Owner of Inner Peace has put this outfit out for 50 friday and i finally got to wear it since i am in that kinda mood. So Go check it out at inner peace i am sure she has loads of new cute stuff for you! Again Sorry For the emo post, bleh when i am in this kinda of mood i Just tend to vent! Have a great Thrusday!

Outfit::>Inner Peace<: baby="" deer="" p="">
Hair:>TRUTH< Cleo - chocolate
Avie:**Cute Bytes** ToddleeDoo v.2.3 - BabyGirl

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