Friday, June 28, 2013

The People that I Appreciate!

Aloha Bloggers!
So I Stumble Upon this plurk this morning of a challenge to blog or write Notecard about the people or person you apprciate and let me tell you this one super hard.. I have loads of people that i appreciate that has help me over the years or even stuck by me through it all when I needed the talks and help or just even a snuggle. I have Five People that i appreciate that have given me something that i never had before. These Five people is Lily&Mamsen,Madeleine,Rou,Laila and Brie! Some of you may not get along or like eachother but these are the people who i appreciate! I love you all! But please remember one thing! I ALWAYS here for you. You can find the challenge here!

 Mama/Lily You are my angel! You given me so much love and support through the times I needed and I would love to take the time to say I apprecicate you for all that you done for me, For not giving up on me or making me feel like i am failure in life! You are a strong women, We may buck heads or not like what eachother does but we always reconnect and work it out. You give me so much support/ You help me through all the hell and hardship and still is by my side and doesnt give up! You support me in whatever I do or whereever i need to go! You Snuggle and cuddle me when i am scared or upset you tell me it will be alright when i having a rough day. You wipe my tear away when i am sad. You cry when i cry! Mama thank you for being the best mother i ever had. I wouldnt be where i am today! I love you!

My Wifey/Best Friend! I swear you are like my shadow no matter what happen or what hardship you always there to listen to me grumble about something! We may not see things eye to eye but i know i got my bestie! We share the same Birthday! You have given me so much advice when i needed. We go way back and we had our hardship but some how we seem to overcome it. You are amazing person and i so happy to call you my best friend! My secondlife not the same without you in my life! I am so happy to have you as a friend and nas a wifey! You are a strong and independant lady! I love you and dont ever forget that! Love you my 9l Gurl FOREVER!

Rou&Laila.. Sorry i dont have pictures of just us. this what i had on my pc! Anyhow my Sisters! Older then me! But i love them to death.

Laila we have came close over time when we both was working at maw! You are a quiet and yet shy one. But i love you for you! You listen to me when i wanna vent  or cry or grumble about something! But eh what i can say your older then me. You are amazing and i glad i pushed you to make a panel at maw to get amazing family! I love you Laila and thank you for accpeting me as friend and a sister...

Rou Rou what can i say, I sure hell taught you was annoying but it was me i guess when i was having such a bad and down day you was yapping in my ear and i just needed quiet! I slowly warmed up to you and you are like the best BIG sister ever! I dont even have no words WHAT so ever to say about you. I will run to you when i have a problem or when i am down and you will kick my butt and be like sissy listen alright! everything will be okies! Our jokes our chats on skype viber fb i couldnt do it without you. Thank you for supporting me through everything. I love you my Boobies! <3 p="">

Brie, You are a rare person that i appreciate! I have trusted you over time of being friends. You and I have Been through SO much more then i can count on my fingers. But some how we overcomed it and go on with our merry ways! You are a friend to me that nobody has been when i needed support or advice or just little chats! I wanna take the time to tell you are a strong and awesome person. Please know that no matter what hardship we had i always here to listen to you and help you. I may be younger then you but please know i am here. You always told me how you felt and i may not like it but what can i say I know you mean well. I thank you for everything!

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