Thursday, July 4, 2013

Hello July GoodBye June!

Aloha Bloggers
Gosh I been So Been behind on loads of stuff. I am super sorry that i havent been blogging alot has been going on. Camp, Family time, Real Life etc but i manage to work some stuff out. Before i start rambling about the lovely Gumdrop outfit I just picked up from Auras I wanted to say something. Mommy and Daddy is Birthing Kaysha. I am sure some of you know in the kid Commuinity people/family birth there child/childeren to make them there birth child. Well i havent been apart of that yet, i was suppose to a couple of times and it just didnt work out. So i know that mommy and daddy is true to this. I am so excited kaysha due date is Jan 2nd 2014! Mama is three months... Squee

Anyhow moving on there so much to talk about since i been so behind on stuff. Remember me telling you about me cleaning my inventory! Well i finally Sorted through my OBJECTS folders and put them in a sorting inventory box! Mind you This HAS never been clean since kaysha became a kid in 2008 so 5 year agos i had nothing but junk in my inventory LMAO. But i got it down and i am super excited to have some of my inventory clean :)

Also Camp is this Saturday I am so excited. I have such a wonderful cabin! My cabinmates are so helpful etc. I cant wait. I am so excited to see how we gonna get to camp! I wont probably be blogging during that week but stay tune till afte camp i sure i will HAVE loads to say. Also You can find me on plurk and i will have update pictures and stuff on there. 

Moving along! I went shopping this afternoon at Little ms Auras store. She put out a TONS of new stuff, From Formals,Cabin clothes,Shoes,Sandals,Rompers,Pj,Etcs You name it it there. And guess what it aint to exensipve or anything so go check it out.  I went broke and i pick out this lovely Gumdrop Outfit i love it...

Until next time. I hope you all have a great Happy Fourth of July!

Shape: Custom
Avi:~ToddleeDoo - BabyGirl (v.2.4)
Bracelet:Noodles - CHK Wristband Cabin 4
Outfit:*Aura's* Gumdrop in {Red} for Toddleedoo
Pose:.Forget Me Not. Munchkin_4


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