Sunday, August 4, 2013

Magical World

Hai Bloggers
Oh Gosh I havent blogged in ages. I been so behind on stuff. I only blog the new stuff for my store and i forget to blog about me *oops* anyhows happy August everyone i hope you have a great month! So this month i particpated in a gatcha. The Woodland Gatcha! The theme this months is anything magical. So of course I dont know how to build or anything so i said ah ill give it a try and i went and build some wands of moons and stars with some sparkles on it it the rare ones. there sooo much tons of stuff! But anyhow if you wanna heck it out here the landmark.... 
The Stores that are particating is
Razzberry Inc
Pip Squeak
Peite Bowtique
The Princess Boutique
<: oogers="">
Inner Peace
Bits and Peices
LVS Kids
Abby lane
Kaysha's Stuff
Lollipop Shop

I am so greatful to be apart of this gatcha i hope i can make it for the next round next month! I cant wait. Anyhow here is some of the stuff i got from the gatcha! Enjoy until nextt time!

Outfit::*BABY*: Bonita TDD BABY PURPLE
Hair:tram  C424 hair / cork (size40)
Avie:~ToddleeDoo - BabyGirl (v.2.4)
unicorn headband:[RI] Unicorn Dreams Headband (Purple/Pink) RARE (woodland Gatcha)
Bunny Bracelet:~FCD~ Beaded Bunny Pink/Blue (woodland gatcha)
Prince froggy:Frog Prince - Holdable (Woodland gatcha)
Pose:.Click-Playful 2

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