Saturday, August 31, 2013

Summer Memories With Buglets!!! Woodland Gatcha Event

Aloha Bloggers,
Wow It been a long while since I actually blogged! The first round of the woodland gatcha has ended and we are now on our second round! It actually gonna be starting in one hour along with the arcade gatcha! Between these two I am gonna be broke and broke like crazy! Maybe I will do loads of yard saling who knows. 
You can check out the woodland gatcha 

Most of you know I love the store Buglets the owner of the Store has sent me her gatchas and I was squealing and jumping for joy BUT she told me I needed to blog it. So I said SURE I will. I walked around and found a cute lovely beach at home and I set out EVERYTHING! Well expect for the sandbox cause I gonna make it pretty and stuff. But let me tell you though HER gatcha is super cute. 

First I gonna show you her beach set that she had made! This adorable set comes with tons and I mean tons of cuteness. It is a 20 peice set. It for boys and girls so dont worry boys there something for you at Buglets. This set is also FULLY animated! I love how she choose the colors. 

Here a sneak peek of it... Well Minus the sandbox BUT yah!

The picture Contains:
Table-No Poses- LI-3
Towel-Three Pose-LI-1
Chair-Five Poses-LI-2
Ball-Three Poses-LI-1
Radio-No Poses-LI-1
Sand Box (NOT PICTURED)-Seven Poses- LI-12
So here you have her beach set! And it come with loads of different colors so you can mix and match!It 50L per play! You cant go wrong on this. There two rares which is the Sandboxes.! This fits Mostly best! But i sure you can adjust it!!!!

Moving on She gave me these LOVELY Star bracelets! She gave me a sneak peek of them and I was like OMG they are adorable i must need them!! *chuckles* i need everything LOL
Here a lovely sneak peek of the bracelets!!!!!!

These bracelets are cute and colorful and they fit any toddleedoo and i sure any kid and maybe even adults!!! 
There are 9 diffent ones- From Dotty,Solid and Glitter and a rare!!! These bracelets are 25L per play!  There you have it for the Buglets Woodland gatcha! 
Cant wait to see you all around!!! Have a gret weekend until next time

Outfit:~*Buglets*~ TD Poodle Onesie (Baby Only) (WACKY WEDNESDAY)

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