Thursday, October 10, 2013

My Little Pony, My Little Pony!

Hello Bloggers,
Well I was in a blogging mood, So I decided to go through my inventory again and find something to wear! I just dont know what to wear now days because I know it fall and stuff, But here in Hawaii we dont really have like the leaves falling and stuff or changing so I kinda stick to that kinda weather here in second life! I went and found this cute pony outfit from That so Kyoot! I put it on and I went Omg I have the perfect headphones and wings for this outfit! I found it and I found a magical place to take the picture!This Outfit was out for one of her week/weekend sales at That so Kyoot! Owner of Tic Tac Toe Passed me these headphones and sweaters! You can find her store HERE! She having a opening of her store! I am super excited she came back and on her kid and is making things! She pretty amazing! If you loved her store as boof you will love her store as Tic Tac Toe! I also Love that so Kyoot! I love her style! You can check her out in world! You can find it HERE! It comes with everything BUT the headphones and wings! There you have Thursday Blog! Until next time!

Outfit:That's So {Kyoot} - Jaiden
Hair:.ploom. Cassie (bangs 2) - Blondes
Avie:~ToddleeDoo - BabyGirl (v.2.5)
Headphones:[TTT] - Twilight Sparkle Earphones
Wings:[TTT] - Twilight Wings
Pose::*BABY PRINCESS*: a princess-pose-2

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