Friday, October 18, 2013

What Did The Fox Say?

Hello Der!
Happy Friday Everyone! I hope you all enjoy your weekend! Get out of the house and have some fun! I probably going to get out of the house and head on over to the market get some fruits and Veggies for me and my real mom! We like make veggies shakes and what not! Anyhow So much been happening I just dont know where to even start! Well Kaysha's Closet Got into 50 friday for kids and Lazy Sunday! I am super excited to be apart of these two events. She also in Woodland Gatcha and has a new fall lined up coming! So be sure to check it out! 
Kaysha Is without parents, Yes You read it and we left on terms of not working out. I not going get into it but I gonna say I will Always Love Brie No matter what. We may not see things eye to eye but she amazing person and with us being as mother and daughter I dont think it connected. It fine, I know she will always be there for me no matter what and she my daddy peanut forever. I love her and she knows it! 
I been super busy also in real life. My mom finally came home from all of her heart sugries and what not and finally is home with me. We have a night and day nurse that comes and take care of her and i just take car eof her in the morning and it that fine. But i missed her so much. Im glad she home to recover. 
Anyhow, the title says it all, WHAT does the fox say? Hahaha i know you guys probably thinking god this song again, it just like gangnam style and all that other crazy songs that singers make millions of dollars off of. It just crazy how one song effects everything! Anyhow the owner of #Hashtag Asked if i could blog for him and i told him sure why not but dont be offended if i take forever to blog. I been slacking like crazy since i been forever making LOADS of clothes and stuff. It just been crazy! His Main store is here! You can check it out! He has some awesome stuff. Also He has a amazing cute animal shirt gatcha at heritage where you can find it here! If it takes you inside of the building just walk on out and follow the sign. His gatcha is 37L per play! The What did the fox say shirt tail nose and ears are all rares! I love his stuff. I love how he texture and made everything cute and it can be worned Unisex! There seven different animals you can win from! So go check it out there loads of other amazing designers there! 

Here you have it until next time!

This the front View (jeans not included)

and the back veiw

Shirt:#hashtag - #WhatDoesTheFoxSay? (Baby) RARE (heritage Gatcha)
Ears,Tail Nose:#hashtag - #WhatDoesTheFoxSay? Ears RARE,#hashtag - #WhatDoesTheFoxSay? Nose RARE,#hashtag - #WhatDoesTheFoxSay? Tail RARE (heritage gatcha)
Hair:(fd) Jupiter Ponytail - Brunette 6 Jeans HUD (from prank outfit)
Avie:~ToddleeDoo - BabyGirl (v.2.6) (UPDATE YOUR TODDLEEDOO)
Shoes:[RI] ToddleeDoo Chucks (Glitter Edition)
Pose:forget-me-not-Everyday Poses 3-1

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