Saturday, November 9, 2013

Wedding Bells Ringing!

Hai Bloggers,
Happy Weekend! It seems I like to blog on the weekend, I dont know maybe it cause there nothing else to do and I find myself digging through my inventory finding stuff and boxing things up and so forth! Anyhow, I dont know if i should say it here because everytime i say it it always doesnt work out! But i gonna anyhow! I got a trial the other night with this amazing lady! It was so funny though cause like i was talking to her sister at Heritage and then she messaged me wanting to get to know me and stuff, and came to find out she my Aunt! This family is a huge family amazing people, they like to joke around and have fun and just be themselfs! I sure fit right in. My papa man is amazing! My aunties are amazing, my cousin are amazing and all the other people i didnt meet i sure they just amazing too!
Anyhow today is my aunty Shillows Wedding, At 5pm SLT! Of course i went out hunting for the colors of the wedding! I couldnt find anything I really like so I headed over to Candii Kittens and found this LOVELY formal dress. Awesome Job Candii, I love all the things she put into this dress, I love the fact that there glitters on the dress skirt, a nicely done pearl beaded crown,Specter that sparkles and some cute sleeves that go with and sandals,ALL for 300L! Not so pricey either! You dont even HAVE to mod it! I was in heaven I told Leiney My life is now over! HAHAHA.. I match my hair up with D!va hair! I asked the family if it was to dressy and they all said no it adorable and loves it! So here you have it.
If you want to get this formal or any other Candii Kitten items you can find it here

Until Next time

Outfit:{C*K} Glitter Princess in Blue
Hair:""D!va"" Hair "Tina" (Type B)(Cat's eye)
Mesh Avie:~ToddleeDoo - BabyGirl (v.2.6) Hula Girl 1 (m)

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