Sunday, September 21, 2014

Group Gifties n Arcade!

So my friend gaves me dis really pretty bag
from a place called The Arcade
And I was out on da grid looking arounds
when I found dis store called
Sugar & Spice!

They have really pretty
things in it, but I was low on moneys
So I saw this really cute dress for
summin called a group giftie!

Da group costs $25L to join
which is not bad when you lookit
da pretty stuff you get :)

Anywayz, I put it wifs
da pretty bag I got for pressie from The Arcade
and then remembered that I needed to go all out
because me learning to be a diva! hehehe

Oh! Before I forgets. Yew get everything I have on
(excepts da hair n purse n nails hehe)

So here yew goes! Da look for my day :)


Mesh Avi - Cute Bytes - Toddleedoo BabyGirl v2.8
Skin - Cute Bytes - Willow Skin
Eyes - NP - Glass Eyes Raven
Teeth - [PXL] OpenMouth Pro v2.0
Manicure - :*BABY*: TD Nails - Soft Stripes
Outfit - {S&S} Group Gift 9-2014
Earrings - Turducken - Blue Sapphire Studs
Purse - .tsg. Gigi Bag - Yellow (The Arcade)

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