Saturday, August 7, 2010

Happy August- LOTD- Aug 7th 2010

Well Happy August everyone! July has been fun, it was summer camp, and it now all over and guess what eles is coming up.. Oceanseaside is opening up on August 23rd.. OOOO i am so excited i cant wait!!  I signed up for classes Tues-Thrus- and Sat from 8-10pm i think.. i aint sure.. LOl, Anyways this pass week been a crazy week for everyone inculding myself.. For you dont know I lost my Cat after 5 years of having him!! This been the hardest thing ever for me... I still taking it day by day!! thank you everyone that been there for me... I love you all,! Huggs, With that note also i no longer in a family! (yes i said no longer in a family) i wont get into details, but i can say it hard for me, to say if you hurt and ur hurtness is affecting your family, you need to do what best for you! So i did.. But any how.. This what going on!...
here my look of the day.. Enjoy!!

Here It Is.... 
Ohh I got a new Shape and Skin Btw, yes i got tired of my old skin and shape so i decided go on a misson and change my skin and shape :) I think i look adorable tho :)
Shape:*BB* Bebe shape by Babydoll
Skin:~Caramel~Dot to Dot Brown Brows
Face tattoo:[C*K] Pink Sparkles Tattoo Layer
Hair:fri. - Tatum.2 - Cranky Brown
Outfit-* Gb * Abby
Pose-! Sassafras Kids ! Crooked house Bench-Pink
Have a good day everyone!
Hugs Kaysha

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