Thursday, August 19, 2010

JustKidding GrandOpening Open Today!

Happy Thrusday Everyone! Oops today alittle late on blogging, I guess i got caught up in my bunnies and RL so i pretty much just forgot and i went OOOPS i need to blog!..
Anyhow today a kid store just open- Just Kidding just open and a cute store made by Lainey,Skyla and Chloe... Cute Stuff and also very cheap.. The Stuff is range from Jewelry to Clothes to shoes, to Gotcha,to Playset,Poses, Bunny stuff and so much more... Also they had open group invite free for everyone to join and will cost 100L to join tomorrow.. and when you join you get this love cute pose pillow *points to picture above* super cute :D i think there a couple more poses in it i aint sure.. Also I got on Zilla Made by Chloe.. SUPER cute pink and it got pants and shoes and just right for the summer.... They also have 6 hunts laying around the store... Cute prizes so u gotta come check it out..
This Is one of the prizes you get in the hunt.. Made by Lainey!! U hop on it and pose like ur huging the gumbi bear... Hehee aint it adorable..

Well on with my look of the day.. BTw tomorrow friday.. MEANS 50friday is out.. YAYYYYYYY..

Shape-Same as Last post
Skin-Same as Last Post
Eyes- Same as last post
Hair- Cassdiy
Face tattoo- Same as last post
Outfit- Jk- Zilla 
Pose- Gummi Pose from the jk Hunt
Until next time.. 

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