Thursday, February 9, 2012

Luna Jubilee Love Challenge

Hi Bloggers, 
Well it been a long while since I have blogged! I went and click a Color blogged and I just so happen clicked on Luna Jubilee page to see what the color was, and i seen the LOVE challenge! so i decided to do it.

Well right now, I can say Loving something is amazing, But sadly I had the hardest luck looking for the right family! I want a loving and caring family! So this blog Made me feel better about myself.

I been in secondlife for more then 3 years now. Right now my Kaysha Yootz is on hold, She my world bleh i misss being on her but thank god i made a Kaysha Guardian! I am slowly buying stuff on her so she doesnt look like a noob. Anyhow.. The things i love is.

☑ Myself,I love the fact that i am child in second life, As much of hardships,and heartbreaks,dramas and such, I am me. I will never change for anyone! I may be hard to deal with but thats just me. Sooner or laters people will see who really i am.. 

☑  My Plurk- I have Met amazing people on here! Though there been some dramas, I can say I have met some nice people, I gain family memebers, new friends and such! I may say i neeed a break from plurk, but not gonna happen.. i am stuck to it..

☑ My God Parents, They Been with me since day one! Almost three years since i have known they. They have always lend an ear when i neeeded or a laugh or even a cuddle. They always told me to never give up! Melly and Austin I love you both! Thank you so much for everything!

☑ My Binky and my Bunny! They go everywhere with me

☑Shopping! I still havent decided which store is my ALL time favorites!

☑Anything Purple red or pink.. Still havent really decided WHAT really my favorite..

Well thats all now... I hope you all have a great time :)

xoxo Kaysha  

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