Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Oh what a beautiful day!

Happy Wednesday Bloggers,
How everyone been? Me been great! Three weeks has flown past for me and my family! OMG i cant believe it gonna be a month since i been with them. We have our differences but eh who doesnt! I love them so very much. They are my EVERYTHING! i look forward to seening them everyday!
Anyhow moving on, I decided to find something colorful and something that just make me happy so i found this dress made by Riley owner of Inner Peace! Adorble little summery dress! I love the colors and the sandals that go with it. Fit tiny tot perfect! So dont forget to check out Inner peace!
Enjoy your week!
Body Parts:
Shape:*oh Daisies* Ariel Shape ( tot )
Skin::GP: Petal Frex [Dark] Angel-Pure 2
Hair:""D!va"" Hair "Chika3" (Citrine)(Forelock)
Eyes:NEKO EYES - ice blue
Tattoo Layers:[C*K] Fake Lashes Tattoo
Growing Hud:*Oh Daisies* Growing Toddler HUD 2.8 (size 1)

:>Inner Peace<: Swirlypop (tot Verison)

Pose: Glittari kid single 8

Hugs and love Kaysha 

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