Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Wacky Wednesday 1.30.2013

Hey Bloggers,

Gah I running a bit late on blogging this week, I guess I can say i was being lazy this week and excited for Winter camp that i cant sleep.. Right now i sure all the wacky wednesday sales has to do with winter camp but that doesnt mean if you didnt get in i sure you can still buy some stuff to make you feel great! This also is the last week of Wacky Wednesday until after camp with is Febuary 13th. You are more then welcome to put stuff out but there will be no list or blog Kyia and i will be on break. Enjoy and See you on the 13th...


Baby Pie

Always Sparkly
Petite Bowtquie
Pip Squeak
Rawr Muffins
Royal Pain
Sweet Treats

Tiny Spaces

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