Monday, February 4, 2013

When the last tear drop falls

Hey Bloggers,
I normally dont post an emo blog, I been battling something over the last couple of weeks and i just in a lost of emotions I promise myself i would make the best of what i could do. and i finally broke down in tears for the last hours of hours Missing my father that apperently disappear on me and my Sisters! He removed all of us from skype his rl Facebook, and disconnetected his phone! Havent seen him since the 18th of Jan and the last words from him was "i love you and ill be on when i am better"normally i take that as ill see him in 2 three days but sadly he decided to remove everyone and havent explain to any of us of what going on. I am a week away for camp and i just cant shake this feeling of him being gone. Listening to some of the campers call there dad "daddy"just makes me sad inside! I finally was trying to get over it and i cant. I wish i knew what to do. I think after camp i gonna take a break and clear my emotions i just so tired of being hurt.
I love you my sisters and family! thank you for not giving up on me! <3 br="">

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