Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Please Welcome To The Kid's Commuinty- KAYSHA'S STUFF!

Hi Hello Bloggers,
Gosh I been so busy with everything I keep forgetting to blog like crazy! I guess this what happens when you got so much going on and no more time to blog right, I trying to keep up! Oh I got to finally see mama yesterday after her being gone taking care of daddy in RL. He doing okies just send loads of prayers. Anyhow Camp in 9 days gosh how times flies. I cant wait.. I am so excited and happy but yet sad cause mama not gonna be with us but that okies. I guess i know she will be in our hearts.. Moving along, I finally gotten a Main Store for my Clothing that i been working on! I know i am a basic beginner but eh i trying. I finally figure out some stuff thank to Elli that has been so patient with me and helped me alot and also My wifeey Madeleine! thankie.. But anyhow guys go check out my stuff. I got my Whacky Wednesday out for just 73Ls and i put out camp tanks for 25L and whole bunch of other stuff. You can check it out at Kaysha's Stuff

Happy Mid Week Everyone!

These are my newest Release that is out!

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