Sunday, June 2, 2013

Shopping Spree Time

Happy Weekend Bloggers,
I hope you enjoying your weekend! I know I am. First Off Happy June. Can you believe it we are in the middle of the year already OMG, It Like the Sixth month already! wow it just flies like no more tomorrow. Anyhow, How is everyone Gatching? I hope you didnt go to darn broke, I know i promise myself i wouldnt go over my limit and i havent i compeleted two of the sets that i really wanted and i am one happy girl, also i helping mines mama with the piggy set all she needs left is the rares so if you got any of them please Im me Kaysha Yootz and we can work out a deal or something! Well moving along. This week 50 friday I stop by Baby Pie and i picked up this cute outfit that came in three different styles and color, of course it didnt have purple so i stucked with this Polka dots blue with purple dots and bows. it turn out great, i put it on and i love it. be sure to check it out, Here! She usually keep it out for the whole week. so get it before it goes up on full price!

Outfit:*Baby Pie* Misty TD Polka Dot Small Pattern
Hair:[LOVE SOUL] Hair*138*Mocha
Avie:~ToddleeDoo - BabyGirl
Pose::*BABY PRINCESS*: a princess-pose-2

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