Monday, October 7, 2013

Berry's Monday Meme- Your Second Life Best Friend- MadeleineEvans

Hi Bloggers,
I have wandered around plurk today and seen that there was a monday Meme for me to do. I dont have very much close friends but I do have a best friend! Madeleine! She and I go way back in like 09 or so! We met on plurk and discover being best friends was the best thing to do! We shared our stories with eachother and came to find out WE both have the same Real Life Birthdays! So I not only get to have amazing best friend i also get share my birthday with her! I have learned so much about Madeleine and she has growned up to be such a young woman! She taught me amazings things to love and care for myself to always remember I am here for a reason and I have her to vent to or to even joke around! We have been friends for nearly four years! I remember meeting her and we just talked and talked and got to know eachother! 
We both know eachother pretty much well enough we sometimes we read eachother minds! Recently when she was gone from secondlife I kinda was empty and didnt have nobody to really relie on! I was super excited when she message me when she came back! I was LIKE OMG my wifey my 9L gurl! We became wifeys and bestie in the box for a long time. 
We parted away for a bit because there was miscommuication and we always did work it out. we needed our space and time to rethink things over. With this last break apart it actually made us stronger and closer! We get on skype we talk about everything! But sometimes i always remind her STOP being so gulliable! It okies to let your graud down! Ever since this gurl has been having many many amazing time together with us! We laugh we joke we cry we smile and most of all we stand by eachother no matter what happens i got your back and i sure you have mines!
Recently She got my real life house addressed and asked me what i wanted from NJ i told her chocolate and white chocolate and camreal and stuff. She sent it i recvice it today and i was amaze by it! She wrote me a cute letter! I hung it up and just smiles. She amazing Clothing desginer and has taught me how !
Madeleine i wanted to take the time to tell you even though we dont see stuff eye to eye at time your my very best friend and i glad to call you my friend and my wifey and I love you to death!

You can find the Meme here

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