Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Sugar Skulls

Good Morning Bloggers! Happy Wednesday!
I hope you all have a great Mid Week!
Today I am blogging Couple of things That Was my favorite of the Week! As most of you know I love purple! When I seen Shiny put out a cute Skully Princess outfit i was actually squealing in my pants! I rush over there and picked it up! It was one of her Week/Weekend sales! You can find it here!
This Outfit is only for Baby Toddleedoo But it comes with everything! Boots crown and the outfit! I also paired it up with Candii Kittens Wand and Key! I taught it was adorable punky looking! The Key Not Pictured but it on my back and it animated with bunch of sayings and stuff and it also rotates! It a rare gatcha in her Candy Fair Gatcha! Boy if you havent been to that candy fair you need check it out! Here is where you can find all the fun stuff! The Wand Is from Her Woodland Gatcha! Which you can also find here! The theme this month for the woodland gatcha is halloween! so if you like the holiday of Spooky and scary this gatcha just perfect for you! The Binky From Candii Kitten Candy Fair also! You can check out all the landmarks on my Blog! I hope you All have a great Mid week! Until Next time!

Outfit:*-* Royal Pain *-* Royal Skully Princess Purple
Hair:(Chemistry) Hair - Chibi
Key:{C*K} Candy Skull Princess Key *Peach* RARE (Candy Fair)
Skully Wand:{C*K} Skull Princess Wand (Woodland Gatcha)
Binky:{C*K} Flower Paci *Grape Sorbet*
Avie:~ToddleeDoo - BabyGirl (v.2.5)
Pose:.Forget Me Not. Spunky_2

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