Friday, October 4, 2013

In My Eyes Your Always Be My Aunty!

In My eyes You will always be My Aunty! Aunty Maddy! I had this blog in my drafts for like days now and i need to get it out because i been super super lazy and well busy getting to know the sissy of mines! 
For the people that Maddy Carissa She has been my aunt for i dont know how long But this lady had been amazing person to me in and out of second life! She has Held my hand, made me laugh till i couldnt breathe and has knock some sense into my head! There not a day that goes by i dont think about her! She one of my best friends and will listen to me WHEN i need scream or yell or something! She reminds me that i am worth being here! 
I believe in everything she tells me! I love her dearly! Her kid avie Bella my aka Little Shyt She thinks she a princess of princess! *huffs and coughs* Ill let her slide on that! she amazing person! i love her to death. Aunty thank you for putting up with me for listening to me all our late night texts,chats! 
In my eyes your will always be my Aunty! 
I love you to the moon and backs!

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