Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Late Post On Lazy Sunday Outfit Heart Pockets

Hello Der,
It just been super crazy for me, Alot of things happen over time and in a short period of time, Remember how I was on trial and super excited I really taught it was gonna hit off and what not, But sadly I'm upset of how things ended, She ended the trial and took her panel down even before talking to me, and with me if you commuicate with me I wont be so hurt about, but she didnt and that okies. I understand!
Things in real life has been super crazy with my mom being sick and her heart and she still healing from heart surgey she has been very needy, Load of appts and what not and it just been back to back. We get some good and some bad news but we make the best of it and move forward everyday!
Aubree handed her Lazy Sunday for this week and I am like three days late in blogging, but with everything that went on I just couldnt get myself to get movtated and blogged! Sorry Aubree will be better on blogging! <3 nbsp="" p="">I love this outfit, It cute is pink and it has dots on it and the boots are just amazing! I love how she made the cute little hearts on her pockets and leggings It a prefect fall outfit and it matches with everything. I paired my outfit up with Madelines Crowns she made for the tricky treat gatcha and click mittens that she made for the tricky treat gatcha! There so much desingers over at the gatcha place. Hurry and check out the vendors before it ends. You can find it HERE
You also can find this adorable cute outfit at Glitter Outffiters for 75L Here your Taxi- HERE
I hope you all have a great week. Until next time. If you dont hear from me before October ends I hope you all have a great Halloween! Be safe out there!

Outfit:{Glitter Outfitters}{Heart Pockets}{Toddleedoo}
Hair:[RA] Fae Hair - Brown Cocoa
Mesh Avie:~ToddleeDoo - BabyGirl (v.2.6)
Crown:Madeleine's - Caroline Crown Ver. 2 Pink (RARE)
KitKat Bar:Havenhollow Trick or Treat - Kat Kat Bar Heart Button Mittens on a String - Blossom
Pose:Forget Me Not: Everyday Poses 2-3 and Everyday Poses 3-4

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