Monday, November 11, 2013

Oh Daisies Doors Is Closing!

Aloha Bloggers,
As Most of you know Oh Daisies is closing there doors on the 17th of this month! Due to real life things that have came up Nisaa the owner of Oh Daisies had the hardest time to make and it was closing the doors of her store! Sadly I am one of her loyal customers and I hate to see her go but she needs to do what best for her. I love her store, I have worked for her at her store as a CSR but time was hard on me and it was rough on me so I couldnt go back! But i remain to be apart of her friend! Recently she turned her toddleedoo mall to me and i am very excited to take apart of that. She has given me the benfit of doubt to take over a HUGE project for her! I am super excited to do what best to keep the mall running!
Anyhow I ask you go get your stuff before the store closes there store! There no sale or anything going on but there stuff in there that is cheap, So check it out!
Here the landmark!

Nisaa You will be missed and i hope things settle down for you in real life! I always here if you need vent or talk. Love you!

Outfit:*oh Daisies* KayKay green TD
Hair:*Dura-Girl*45(Dark Brown)resize
Avie:~ToddleeDoo - BabyGirl (v.2.6)
Place: Oh Daisies Sim

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